Nava Nalanda, established in the late 1960s, was the dream project of its founders Shri Arya Mitra and Smt. Bharati Mitra, both of whom were eminent scholars of the highly esteemed Presidency College, Kolkata and successful corporate professional and college lecturer respectively, before foraying into the school education.

With a vision for an educational institution deeply rooted in the rich cultural traditions of India and one that seamlessly blended in the modern techniques of pedagogy following English as the medium of instruction, they set out to create and establish Nava Nalanda in the idyllic setting of Southern avenue, Kolkata .

The visionaries wanted to ensure that every student received quality education to become successful and humane global citizens.

Before they could turn their dream into a veritable reality in Kolkata, Shri Arya Mitra and Smt. Bharati Mitra always engage themselves in establishing educational and music schools wherever their work took them, particularly in Ranchi.

They persevered against all odds to setup Nava Nalanda, a school which was open to all and which was not complacent to churn out, year after year, only elite Indian male and women in the roles of engineers, doctors,  lawyers; but shape and mould the young minds into becoming positive instruments of change for the society at large.

Shri Arya Mitra and Smt. Bharati Mitra enabled every student of Nava Nalanda to be truly inspired and creative in each aspect of their curricular and extra curricular pursuits. The founders aimed at developing exceptional students who were open minded, knowledgeable and creative, critical thinkers.

The founders always emulated the path shown by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in every sphere of their life; to pay their humble tribute to the great bard they setup Nava Nalanda at Santiniketan in the year of 1991 and today the school has blossomed into a center of excellence in the domain of education.

Shri Arya Mitra  and Smt. Bharati Mitra used to inspire the teachers of Nava Nalanda to nurture the young minds of students with utmost care and affection, with special focus on building relationships that last a life time.

The founders have left for their heavenly abode, but the portals of Nava Nalanda are hollowed by the rich legacy they have left behind.