Nava Nalanda Group of Schools, ambitiously named after the country’s ancient seat of learning, the NALANDA MAHAVIHARA, is committed to give its pupils a solid foundation in a nurturing environment, one that allows their natural gifts to unfold smoothly thereby making learning a pleasurable experience.

The school, all through its journey of fifty-six years, has created an environment that no only enables students to attain academic excellence but also moulds them into well-mannered, well-groomed, independent individuals with high self-esteem, unbound compassion for one and all and profound respect for their rich cultural traditions.

The year 1991 saw another dream of the founding members turn into a veritable reality when Nava Nalanda opened its doors to its pupils at Santiniketan. For late Arya Mitra and late Bharati Mitra, it was a homage they paid to the great bard Rabindranath, who was their guiding light. The teachers of the Montessori department of the school are highly trained to provide the children with abundance of choice in their educational pursuits, they value each child as a unique individual and support the students in becoming active seekers of knowledge.

A significant accomplishment of Nava Nalanda was the inauguration of the Higher Secondary Department, both in Kolkata and Santiniketan, in 2004. This opened up a vista of opportunities for the students who scaled greater heights and won accolades, far and wide, for their brilliant academic performance. The students of the school have always brought great glory by securing prestigious ranks in the examinations conducted by the WBBSE for Class X, by the WBCHSE for class XII and in different competitive examinations within the state and outside.

Nava Nalanda’s students are encouraged to participate actively in curricular and extra-curricular activities and this balanced combination of textual and off-the-text experience helps them to develop into responsible and successful citizens of tomorrow. Nava Nalanda Group of Schools, proudly carrying its legacy of about six decades of quality education, embarks on a new journey by opening the Nava Nalanda Public School (NNPS), another educational landmark in Kolkata, offering CBSE curriculum. Nava Nalanda’s commitment to excellence in academics, its blending of curricular and extra-curricular activities and its persistent striving to inculcating values among the students will be the quintessence of NNPS.

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