“Nalandasree,” our annual intra-school competition, stands as a testament to the vibrant spirit of creativity and talent that courses through every corner of Nava Nalanda Group of Schools. This eagerly anticipated event brings together students from Nursery to Class 12, showcasing their prowess in various domains such as dance, drama, music, instruments, drawing, quiz, and antarsari (debate).

Nalandasree serves as a stage where young artists, performers, and thinkers shine. The rhythmic movements of dancers, the emotive performances in drama, the harmonious tunes of musicians and instrumentalists, the strokes of artistic brilliance in drawings, the quick-witted intellects in quiz competitions, and the persuasive voices in antasari debates all come together in a spectacle of sheer talent.

Beyond the glittering performances, Nalandasree fosters a sense of healthy competition, camaraderie, and self-expression. It encourages our students to step out of their comfort zones, hone their skills, and embrace challenges with enthusiasm. The inclusive nature of the competition ensures that every student, regardless of age or grade, has a chance to participate and showcase their abilities.

As we witness the annual blossoming of talent during Nalandasree, we are reminded of the multifaceted potential within our students. It’s a celebration of creativity, intellect, and teamwork, encapsulating the essence of holistic education that Nava Nalanda Group of Schools strives to impart.