Annual Sports

Annual Sports It is a very important part of school education. The Sports is held generally in the month of January every year. Drills, pyramids, athletics along with some fun events for the juniors, generally find their place in the event-list A good number of guardians come to cheer the students every year. On some special occasions, road-running shows are organized with huge success. The students along with the teachers and other staff members run through the twin city of Bolpur and Santiniketan.

Our Athletic Meet is participated by hundreds in the presence of sports personalities of national and international repute. Commendable performances have been recorded in inter-school cricket, football, table tennis, swimming and rowing competitions. Our inter-class mini-football tournament for the primary / higher departments and Nalanda Cup

Cricket and Badminton Tournaments for the Secondary and Higher Secondary departments figure among our more popular winter sports events.


The school playground is a vibrant and lively space where students engage in physical activity, socialize, and unleash their boundless energy. It serves as a dynamic and essential part of the school environment, offering a range of recreational opportunities for students of all ages. The playground features various equipment and facilities, including swings, slides, jungle gyms, and sports fields, providing ample opportunities for fun and active play. It is a place where students develop their motor skills, coordination, and physical fitness while enjoying playful interactions with their peers. The playground also serves as a platform for fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and creativity through organized games and activities. Furthermore, it offers a refreshing break from academic pursuits, allowing students to unwind, recharge, and enhance their overall well-being. The school playground is a space where laughter echoes, friendships are forged, and memories are created, enriching the educational experience and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among students.

Nava Nalanda Coaching Camps

Nava Nalanda Cricket Team today, is a name to reckon with. Defeating schools like DPS, National High School, MG Rungta, La Martiniere and St. Xaviers, our boys entered the finals of the CAB Under 15 inter-School Tournament in 2013.The school is n regular semi-finalist of the CAB tournament for the lnst4yenrs.

The Football team recently won the Nalanda Cup (Santiniketan) trophy from among 12 schools including 11 of Birbhum district. For the last few years the school is organising coaching camps in Cricket, Football, Table Tennis and Chess. The recent success in Cricket has been the product of this camp where no extra charges are taken from the students.

GDG Memorial & Nalanda Cup Football Tournament

Two tournaments held every year in the month of December has found immense popularity among the students of classes 3 to 10. The GDG memorial is held among the class 3 & 4 students while the Nalanda cup is a House-based championship among the students of classes 5 to 10.

Nalanda Cup Badminton

This competition is for the girls and is held annually in the month of December. Students of classes 5 to 12 take part.

Nalanda Cup Table Tennis

In Table Tennis we have one of our students Poulami Ghatak who has represented India in the Olympics when studying in the school. The school has a soft concern for this game and organises this event regularly for the high school students generally in the month of December.

BMMTS (Santiniketan)

The “Bharati Mitra Memorial Talent Search” is an annual event held at Nava Nalanda School in Santiniketan, dedicated to honouring the memory and legacy of one of our esteemed founders, Smt. Bharati Mitra. This event serves as a heartfelt tribute to her invaluable contributions to our institution and her vision for holistic education.

Through this talent search, students have the opportunity to showcase their diverse talents and skills, ranging from music and dance to literature and visual arts. The event not only celebrates creativity and individuality but also fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among the participants. It is generally held during the “Sarodotsab” proceeding the Puja vacation.

Nalanda cup Cricket

Another annual event held in the month of December, where the budding cricketers find their foothold for selection to the school cricket team. It may not be out of turn to mention that the school is presently one of the best school cricket teams of Bengal

Chess Academy

Chess classes are held at the school premises of 24, Kabir Road, Kolkata – 700026 on Saturdays and Sundays daily from 5pm to 7pm.