Mandatory Possession: All students of Nava Nalanda Public School are required to possess and display their valid school ID card at all times within the school premises.

Personal Identification: The school ID card serves as an official form of identification and must include the individual’s photograph, full name, class, section ,roll and a unique identification number.

Access to Premises: The ID card must be prominently displayed while entering the school campus. Access to various facilities, classrooms, and events will be granted upon the presentation of a valid ID card.

Security Measures: The ID card aids in ensuring the security of the school environment. Unauthorized individuals without valid ID cards will not be allowed to enter the premises.

Loss or Damage: In case of loss or damage to the ID card, the concerned individual must report to the school administration immediately. A replacement ID card may be issued upon payment of a nominal charges as and when notified.

Misuse: Misuse or tampering with ID cards is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to alter or misuse the ID card will result in disciplinary action.

Return: Upon withdrawal or completion of studies, the ID card must be returned to the school administration.

On-Demand Presentation: School authorities or staff members may request the presentation of ID cards at any time for verification purposes.

Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the cardholder to maintain the ID card’s and ensure it is easily visible.

Consequences of Non-Compliance: Failure to adhere to the ID card rules and regulations may result in restricted access to school facilities or participation in school activities.

Note: The school ID card is an essential document that contributes to the security, organization, and efficient functioning of Nava Nalanda Public School. We kindly request all students to comply with these rules and regulations to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment.