Ensuring the security and safety of students is a top priority within any educational institution. The school takes comprehensive measures to create a secure environment that fosters learning and peace of mind for students, staff, and parents alike. From controlled access points to vigilant security personnel, various strategies are implemented to prevent unauthorized entry and maintain a safe campus. Additionally, the school conducts regular drills and emergency preparedness exercises to equip students and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary in case of unforeseen situations. Safety protocols are established, including fire safety measures, first aid training, and clear communication channels, to respond swiftly and effectively to any potential risks or emergencies. The school also emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and anti-bullying, ensuring a safe and supportive atmosphere for all students. Through a collaborative effort between school administration, teachers, parents, and students themselves, the school upholds a commitment to creating a secure and nurturing educational environment.

Medical Unit

We have come up with a unique medical unit (first of its kind in the city) to render medical attention to students and staff in case of emergency during school hours. A sick bed, oxygen cylinder and a well-stocked first aid box have been provided at all our units. A mobile medical van with a trained nurse does regular rounds of all our departments. In the city and in case of extreme emergency cases, transport the patient lo the nearest hospital / nursing home.

School Canteen

The school canteen is a bustling hub of activity where students gather to refuel and socialize during their break times. It serves as a convenient and essential part of the school community, providing a variety of nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages to cater to the diverse tastes and dietary needs of students. The canteen offers a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, encouraging social interaction and fostering friendships among peers. It plays a crucial role in promoting healthy eating habits, as it strives to offer balanced and wholesome food options. The canteen staff ensures hygiene and quality standards are maintained, prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of students. Beyond its culinary offerings, the school canteen often serves as a platform for fundraising events, cultural celebrations, and educational initiatives, further enriching the school experience. Overall, the school canteen is not just a place to satisfy hunger but also a space where students can relax, recharge, and enjoy moments of camaraderie.


The school campus is under strict CCTV surveillance, so that It can reassure the public about community safety. It is located in public places to provide evidence to relevant enforcement agencies.


Fire alarm and extinguisher

Fire extinguishers and alarm are installed all over the school to prevent fire accidents from the initial stage.